Step 1 Decide or think about your preliminary design program
that is what type of building do I need ,is it commercial or
residential ?,what is my financial status ? get governmental plan
agreement for your specific plot of land( this shall be provided by
your sub city if you are in Addis Ababa on this piece of paper
minimum and maximum height of your building with other
master plan requirements will be issued to you up on your request.
Step 2 select a consultant (Designer) you may prepare Terms of
reference (TOR) which will help you on selecting your consultant.
The consultant Should provide you the under listed
 Architectural design
 Structural design
 Electrical design (Electro mechanical)
 Sanitary design
 Bill of quantity

Step 3 Contractor selection
You have three options
Option 1: tender based on full contract (material machinery and labor
to be provided by the contractor)

advantage :less hassle to the employer
disadvantage: more costly than the other options
option 2 Tender based on labor contract(only labor ,machinery and form
work from to be provided by the contractor )
advantage: more economical
disadvantage: client needs to be more involved
option 3 Tender to mix the above two options(costly items like cement
and reinforcement to be provided by the client that way more
economical and less hassle for the client)

There are three team players in a construction project Employer (client)
,Consultant and contractor .You have to be cautious in choosing both
your designer and contractor in that way you can achieve your dream
project in a timely and cost efficient way. During construction make
sure that the supervision and construction teams work for common goal
not be stumbling blocks to each other .Make sure to have a common
periodical meeting with your consultant and contractor and solve
possible problems before it is too late. If you think your project is
complicated hire an engineer who will represent you on technical
matters. Remember that you are the employer but not supposed to
meddle on technical matters. From our experience projects with lots of
employers interference have slowed down or failed.


We as contractors have the following mottos regarding safety of our
workers and surrounding
 Give priority to safety of human being than the project
 Short Safety trainings should be given to all workers ,because safe
environment starts from our attitude
 Use all gadgets of safety to safeguard workers and surroundings