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Yetnayet Amogne Construction was established by   Yetnayet Amogne who is a civil engineer by profession, on   February  2007 G.C.The companny is established on the three core values HONESTY ,CREATIVITY and QUALITY which we believe the industry lucks. we have successfully  accomplished more than 22 projects (buildings ,industry ,road culvert) all over Ethiopia so far. We are about to finish our own B+G+5 Head office building around Aayat real estate area.

We have a wide range of machinery available to complete all types of projects with highly skilled operators with extensive experience to finish the job on or before scheduled time, even when working in the most compact of spaces ,in fact we are well drilled  to work in such challenging situation.

We have tremendous passion to take a raw piece of difficult land and turn it in to beautiful building.The secret of our success is that our relentless commitment .We really love what we do.



To become the leading Construction firm in Ethiopia, by consistently delivering all our projects that meet international standards



We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of their business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust.

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